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Organisational consulting

Analyse, improve and implement: Non-transparent organisational structures, responsibilities and accountability together with an inconsistent process and regulatory landscape at odds with your organisation can make daily work difficult. Such deficiencies are annoying, time-consuming and often lead to violations of customs or export control regulations. An independent, external view often helps and even small improvements can bring significant efficiency gains. Together with you, we can develop an organisational structure perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our services

  • Analysing the existing organisational structure and developing optimisation plans
  • Planning strategies and developing the future organisational structure in accordance with technical, functional and corporate requirements
  • Implementing the organisational hierarchy of the customs and export control department (e.g. defining lines of reporting considering compliance and efficiency aspects, ensuring compliance with supervisory and organisational duties)
  • Developing reporting models for the customs / export control management department in the group (e.g. KPI reporting, management by objectives, validation of degree of implementation)
  • Conceiving and producing documentation required for the organisation of structures and processes as well as linking and integrating specific process documentation concerning customs and export controls

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