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Implementation of a risk management system for customs processes

The implementation of a risk management system for customs processes provides you with security: Besides reducing the risk of personal liability for management and employees (e.g. through audit-proof documentation), it also prevents “white spots” arising by clearly assigning tasks and responsibilities. Another direct benefit are efficient processes: uniform, easily understandable and practicable guidelines and workflows for all group member increase transparency and ensure that processing is carried out without the need for personnel.

Our services:

  • Systematically identifying, analysing (i.e. target-performance analysis) and uniformly assessing customs risks in business processes
  • Identifying weaknesses in existing customs processes
  • Recording existing risk mitigation instruments and deducing the remaining net risk
  • Reinforcing weak points using suitable risk-reducing instruments (e.g. instructions, checklists, training, preventive/detective/process integrated controls)
  • Documenting interface processes and integrating the relevant departments
  • Documenting the risk management process by means of a risk control matrix (RCM) and continuous, tool-based monitoring of the implementation of risk-reducing instruments for each customs process
  • Assigning responsibilities and tasks based on workflow and producing relevant documentation
  • Automated deadline monitoring

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