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Customs oder Export Control Compliance Management System

A structured assessment of the risks of customs and foreign trade processes forms the basis for developing and implementing a customs or export control compliance management system tailored to the company. In this way, you ensure complete and timely compliance with the customs and export control obligations relevant for your company. A pre-existing tax compliance management system can also provide useful support in the context of risk management in the group. AWB’s experts support the process from inception to implementation and, if necessary, ensure monitoring by means of continuous reporting.

Our services include:

  • Developing and defining compliance objectives
  • Implementing an appropriate organisation for company structures and processes as well as a regulatory landscape
  • Establishing a process for identifying, analysing and eliminating compliance risks
  • Implementing a cross-departmental interface and communication concept
  • Introducing a procedure for monitoring and improving the customs compliance management system
  • Practical implementation through IT-supported processes

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