Personal, committed, experienced: We help you develop practical solutions for customs and foreign trade. Frank Görtz
Managing Director AWB Consulting GmbH
Customs projects are highly complex on many levels: Thus a focused and strictly solution-oriented strategy is even more important. Michael Tomuscheit
Managing Director AWB Consulting GmbH


Specialised, competent and experienced: With our knowledge, expertise and pragmatic, hands-on approach, we are a strong and reliable partner for all matters relating to customs and foreign trade. We provide support for projects relating to foreign trade, customs or customs-IT from planning through to completion. We will also support your customs and export control department on managing its operative tasks: We will work with you to produce and implement a tailored plan that ensures a streamlined and compliant process landscape for customs and export controls. At the same time, we will also ensure the organisational structure is appropriate to your needs – here too, we place our experience at your disposal.

Long-term or short-term: We will help your customs and export controls department to manage its tasks. Our managed services consultancy services in the fields of interim management and outsourcing as well as coaching for management and experts cover all aspects of implementing customs and export control processes. If needed, we draw on the expertise of our external partners: Our national and international network ensures that we have the best expertise available to meet the needs of our clients.

Organisational consulting

We examine the organisation of your customs and export control department: Together with you, we develop tailor-made concepts to optimise the organisational structure of your customs and export control department and thus maintain or restore process management. Thus we focus on the efficient linkage between organisation and processes and the fulfilment of external requirements (e.g. by the customs authorities).


Project Management

We support complex foreign trade projects, such as the establishment of internal process structures relating to customs clearance, customs tariffs, origin of goods and preferences or export control, especially as part of reorganisation and restructuring or changes to your company’s production structure or supply chain.


Customs oder Export Control Compliance Management System

By setting up a Customs and/or Export Control Compliance Management System, companies ensure that customs or foreign trade law obligations are met in full and on time. We support you in planning and implementing a compliance concept and on a continuous basis, if preferred.


Customs IT consultancy

At home in both worlds: Our consulting services focus on the interaction between customs and IT. We act as a bridge between the relevant departments of your company and customs administration to ensure effective communication and help launch your customs IT project on schedule.


IT consulting in relation to export controls

It is only possible to fulfil the obligations relating to export controls efficiently and securely by using an IT solution. Related IT –solutions, such as the implementation of appropriate software, require all relevant requirements to be identified and thorougly analysed as well an experienced, specialized project management to be in place.


Development of an internal control system (ICS)

An internal control system (ICS) for your customs operations can help you comply with the applicable requirements and systematically minimize risks. We will support you in the introduction of an ICS and the subsequent monitoring.


Introduction of a risk management system for customs processes

A common approach to increase transparency, security and efficiency of your customs processes is the implementing of a risk management system. We provide support by identifying weak points and realising the potential for improvement. Thus you reduce the risk of personal liability for management and employees.


Coaching in customs and export controls

The independent perspective offered by coaching can prove helpful for both managers and operative staff involved in foreign trade, customs and export controls. We take a holistic view of challenging situations and provide practical suggestions based on our professional knowledge combined with many years of professional experience in personnel management and development.


Managed Services Customs and Export Control

Let us take care of important but time-consuming tasks of your customs or export department! We can perform recurring IT-related tasks in your company, such as reporting, thematic evaluations or monitoring.


Project Management Office (PMO)

As an external resource, the Project Management Office (PMO) supports project managers perform their administrative and operational tasks relating to their customs and export control projects. We provide support for the entire duration of the project up to final documentation.


Interim Management

Do you need short-term support in customs and export control? We have many years of experience in these areas and can provide you with additional capacity or professional know-how at both management and operational level (experts/agents).


AEO Manager

Companies certified as AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) have to prove that they permanently comply with the certification requirements by means of continuous monitoring. Changes in the company must be documented, evaluated and, if necessary, immediately reported to the main customs office. The AEO Manager provides IT-based monitoring support and thus becomes part of the company’s own compliance management. All departments of the company can be seamlessly integrated into the monitoring process as part of their workflow.



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Customs and IT are best integrated Digitalisation of customs processes and the strategy of the customs department Overseeing the digitalisation of business processes is a particularly great challenge for executives responsible for customs and foreign trade – in addition to those presented by trade wars, Brexit and sanctions, which can change on a daily basis. The influence of

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“Hidden” duties on exports: identify customs benefits and stay competitive! At times of economic uncertainty, exporters are increasingly looking for cost savings hidden away in the supply chain. Tweaking the supply structure can help maintain a competitive edge in international trade. Sooner or later controllers and customs executives must ask themselves whether they can make savings by using

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The consequences of the Corona pandemic: the end of just-in-time manufacturing? Effects on the customs environment The Corona pandemic has seriously affected the economy, society and social life. Economists assume that it will lead to one of the most serious (if not the most serious) economic recessions since WW2. The working environment and international trade will never be

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