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Using the SPL Validator to screen your business partner data (e.g. customer or supplier data) against sanctions lists supports you in identifying and avoiding payment or sanction risks as well as reputational damage.

Your export control-relevant business partner data can be checked against current sanctions lists selected by you at regular intervals. Possible hits can be validated, commented and archived. The ability to generate a report also provides you with a comprehensive overview of your validated customer data and potential sanctions list matches. Thus, SPL Validator supports your compliance department in detecting and preventing potential violations of provisioning prohibitions.

With optional workflow-based auditing using different user roles (analyst and assessor), the SPL-Validator also offers the possibility of maintaining the dual control principle.

We combine expert knowledge with software solutions to help you comply with sanctions regulations.


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Your advantages:

  • Support in compliance with sanctions law
  • Avoidance of sanctions and associated reputational damage
  • Increasing the efficiency of your operational activities through tool-supported and workflow-based screening processes
  • Choice of sanctions lists to be screened
    Flexible percentage-based fine-tuning of the SPL algorithm
  • Generation of a hit report in pdf or xls format
  • Support of your due diligence through regular screenings and reports
  • Creation of individual country blacklists