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Screening sanctions lists as a Service

By screening sanctions lists, we help ensure the adherence to global regulatory requirements via early detection and thus prevention of sanctions risks such as payment or transport stops at the border or damage to your reputation.

Your export control-relevant customer data will be screened against current sanctioned party lists selected by you at individually defined intervals. We report possible hits to you immediately and thus ensure that possible violations can be prevented. You will also get a comprehensive overview of your verified customer data and potential SPL matches via regular reports.

We combine expert knowledge with software solutions to ensure that you comply with export control regulations.

Your advantages:

  • Support in fulfilling compliance requirements
  • Avoidance of sanctions and associated reputational damages
  • Increased efficiency of your operational activities through outsourcing of screening activities
  • Choice of lists to be screened (currently: US, UN, EU, UK)
  • Possibility of reducing false-positives through percentage fine tuning of the SPL-Algorithm
  • Regular receipt of a hit-report
  • Support of your due diligence through regular screenings and reports
  • Flexibility in the preferred method of information delivery
  • Effective and accurate presentation of data
  • Choice of service level:
    • Report
    • Report with initial validation of results
    • Report with initial validation and proposals for required measures