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IT consulting in relation to export controls

There is a high risk of making a mistake in relation to export controls. Even companies that export supposedly “uncritical” goods must take precautions and check their products to see if they are subject to licencing requirements, embargoes or sanctions or if there is evidence of a critical end use.

Furthermore, economic operators are prohibited from making financial or economic resources available to natural and legal persons, institutions or organisations which are subject to sanctions. In order to avert damage to the company, it is therefore essential to identify critical business partners by screening sanctions lists and, if necessary, linking them to other data sources. Thereby, it will already be possible to prevent violations of direct and indirect prohibitions on providing resources when initiating business transactions.

Violations of foreign trade law can have serious consequences in the form of severe fines or even imprisonment. The verification process (lists of goods, approval requirements and country and sanction lists) is complex and time-consuming and, ultimately, can only be efficiently and securely mapped, logged and archived using software. The connection to other IT interfaces (especially the ERP system) also requires special attention. All functions and processes involved in the company must be integrated, a task which requires a highly specialized and experienced project management.

Our services:

  • Providing neutral advice on the selection of customs software
  • Compiling IT-concepts for customs or supporting the export control department
  • Identifying the potential for automation and supporting implementation
  • Compiling specification sheets, user stories, functional requirements and reviewing technical specifications
  • Test management (i.e. creation of test cases, implementation, documentation up to the final acceptance of the system)
  • Compiling manuals and training materials, training end-users and key-users
  • Expanding and advancing existing applications
  • Creating integrated process documentation and interface descriptions
  • Managing IT-implementation projects for export controls (managing and steering)
  • Managing IT transformation projects for export controls (managing and steering)
  • Screening embargoes, country and sanctions lists efficiently
  • Checking goods, software and technologies using the material master (interface to other internal company systems)
  • Supporting critical end-use testing
  • Ensuring the integration and support of ICS (Internal Control Systems) and compliance programmes
  • Defining and implementing documentation requirements

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