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Interim Management

We offer interim management consulting in order to bridge personnel bottlenecks or solve challenging situations at management or operational level. This ensures planning certainty when key staff are absent (e.g. owing to illness, termination or retirement). It often pays to combine or complement interim management with the coaching of executives and experts. Interim management consulting can be flexibly arranged according to the specific situation and your requirements. During planning, we pay regard to all aspects: management, processes, subject-specific issues as well as information technology.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Organisational issues relating to structural planning and process organisation
  • Customs clearance and, if necessary, the management of customs service providers
  • Export operations, technical assistance, technology transfer and financial transactions involving areas of the company
  • Applications for export and transfer licences
  • Documentation of customs and export control procedures
  • Monitoring of customs, export and export control operations
  • Definition and coordination of training needs for the company’s employees
  • Support/coordination in creating procedural and organisational instructions
  • Support/coordination in setting up risk management and internal control systems

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