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Development of an internal control system (ICS)

Global players are exposed to a wide range of risks which they can only manage by carrying out regular checks. In some cases, such checks are required by the state or are a condition for customs simplifications and therefore de facto “obligatory”. There are also important economic reasons for performing systematic controls and implementing an ICS, such as the need to avoid financial risks or loss of image owing to media reports of infringements.

The basis for an effective ICS and efficient risk management is an overall concept attuned to the needs of the company. In determining your needs and individual risks, we work closely with our partner companies AWB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft (AWB Tax) and AWB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft (AWB Law) in order to clarify any legal and tax issues and advise you on e.g. the assessment of anomalies and the handling of violations.

Our services:

  • Analysing business processes, control areas and operational procedures
  • Examining legal requirements (i.e. organisational and monitoring obligations, authorisation conditions, etc.)
  • Examining internal requirements (i.e. management requirements, key figures, controlling, business development, etc.)
  • Evaluating the current situation by means of risk assessment and setting priorities
  • Designing controls with reference to customs and cross-departmental functions
  • Producing a concept for implementing systematic checks together with the IT department
  • Implementing the necessary internal checks in the relevant customs and business processes
  • Establishing a process for continuously monitoring the performance of controls, documenting the results and, should the results be unusual, analysing the cause
  • Introducing a workflow for monitoring the correction process
  • Ensuring documentation and archiving

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