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Coaching in customs and export controls

Coaching can help solve challenging situations for managers, experts and representatives involved in foreign trade, customs and export controls. We combine sound professional know-how with many years of professional experience in personnel management and development. This allows us to view situations from a 360-degree perspective and make constructive (and, above all, practical) suggestions for improvement. We design the contents, structure and flow of our coaching flexibly, in accordance with your specific needs.

Our services and suggested approach:

  • Kick-off workshop to clarify the needs, scope and intensity of the coaching (either in or outside the workplace)
  • Active coaching within an agreed scope and time frame, either on-site by the day or via telephone or video conferences by the hour
  • Following coaching, we design the employee’s job-description sustainably and efficiently (concluding with the results and agreeing on further coaching regarding critical and non-urgent issues)
  • Regular coaching appointments as agreed, divided into general planned topics and critical situations and issues
  • Summary of the results and regular adjustment of the plan
  • Final coaching workshop, when all planned topics have been completed and current topics are no longer considered urgent
  • If applicable, monitoring and future coaching: Deciding on the future job description, coaching on critical and and currently non-irgent topics and tasks, regular review of tasks; if applicable, the transferring particularly critical processes into a risk/process management approach, concluding and finishing coaching with the option of review and monitoring sessions at regular intervals.

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